Asking For Trouble (2000)
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 1. Beginning Of The End
 2. Childlike (Hold My Breath)
 3. Like He's Drowning
 4. April Snow
 5. Undercover Maggie
 6. Thrown
 7. Tired Eyes
 8. Ode To Gideon (Another Omen)
 9. Asking For Trouble (An Instrumental)
10. Unraveled
11. Given
12. Here For Now
13. Bound To The Tracks
14. Hallucination (No Big Deal)
15. Present Tense
16. Things To Love

John sez:
While this is certainly an aggressive album (at least for me), the title "Asking For Trouble" originally referred to my being a little daring by writing an instrumental in the first place. AFT is full of heartbreak, sarcasm, name-calling and confessionals. There is also a cat.
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